Hello! My name is Adanna, and I am a games writer, narrative designer, developer, and researcher. I have experience in both writing and scripting content for games. I love to write character-driven stories focused on queer people of color and I document my personal games and stories on my Medium! Feel free to contact me for my resume and rates.
Contact: [email protected]

Games Experience

Soft Not WeakSpirit SwapGames Writer
Sweetbaby IncRecommendation DogGames Writer
Otome Jam (2021)CelestiaGames Writer, Scenario Writer, Editor, Implementer
Wholesome Games Jam (2020)House HauntersGames Writer

Published Articles

Games Research

My research focuses on studying the intersection of digital environments, human behavior, and marginalized identities, such as race, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality, mainly through the context of video games.

Abstract Excerpt: Although understudied, microtransactions are becoming widespread in games, especially for the purchase of aesthetic variation in-game. In this paper, we review literature around representation in games and purchasing practices tied to player racial identity to provide insight on how in-game racial representational options and microtransactions may impact purchasing practices of players of diverse racial backgrounds.

Abstract Excerpt: Microtransactions are the purchasing of in-game items in video games, often using real money. Through microtransactions, game players can obtain a type of cosmetic called 'skins' that change the physical appearance of playable characters. Considering the default 'skin' in many games is that of a white male, there are various psychosocial and economic costs that may be extended to players of color when attempting to select skins for their avatars.

Yiesha's Odyssey

Ghosts & Grace Coming Soon!!!